Gypsy Radiance

Radiance because of the lighting. I love the lighting XD Except when it was blinding me XDD

Model: Me

Photographer/Photo editor/Awesome person:

Gypsy stare

Model: me

Photographer/Photo editor/Awesome person:

Sucker Punch Cosplay

Model: Me

Photographer/Photo editor/Awesome person:

Being the light in the dark



I don’t have a scanner so I just take pictures of my artwork

Two flowers had flowed their way down the stream in Keokea.

(I solemnly swear that I didn’t put them there)

Keokea beach for my friend Arden’s birthday party

My friend looks so ethereal with the sunset right by her as we are driving home from the movies. I actually like how it looks kind of blurry (my phone’s camera can be very crappy. 

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I adore this song by Oshen. a multilingual song, it’s just amazing.